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About Tess

I am your people planning and business solutions expert...

After 30 years in management, operations and human resources, my unwavering dedication is to streamline your people needs and systems so your company is primed to hit business goals and revenue targets.


My expertise enables me to review existing budgets so you are crystal clear on what roles your company needs to grow and prosper. I completely geek out on spreadsheets and data while combining business operations know-how to set you up for success. 


My ideal clients are small to mid-size companies wanting to align their people needs with their budget and revenue goals. I will audit your current business systems to maximize efficiencies giving you the advantage to garner greater productivity from your team.

I’m at my best when brainstorming with clients to allow them clarity through problem solving and resolution.


Let's get you and your company crystal clear on your people needs. Contact me with any questions: tessherbert at

Tess Herbert
B. Com

Toronto Metropolitan University

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